Tight Little Ship

by Tight Little Ship

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released April 17, 2017

All songs by Tight Little Ship
Sara Lautman - guitar & vocals
Yoko OK - bass & vocals
Christy Davis - drums

trumpet on One Day by Simon Beins

cover art and whistling by Kate Wheeler

recorded & mixed at Emandee by our friend Mark (Brooklyn)

mastered by jOn jOn at the Grease Diner (Oakland)

thanks to our friends, families
and tambey marie



all rights reserved


Tight Little Ship Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: Marty + Jackie

I know how you were named
It was after a hurricane
Your parents at Virginia Beach
Drinking rum and Pepsi
Like Jackie-O and Marty
Marty and Jackie-O
Twins who fall in love
Have no place to go

Point of reference: other mess
Point of reference: cleanliness
I woke up with stomach pain
Alone with nobody to blame

Is it enough that you're not insane?

Like Jackie-O and Marty
Marty and Jackie-O
Twins who fall in love
Have no place to go

In the game we stay up late
We like to collaborate
When you're him then I am her
Like Jackie-O and Marty
Pillbox hat, blood on my dress
A gun cleans up the camera's guess
You decide to leave right then, and
That's when I decide again

Like Jackie-O and Marty
Marty and Jackie-O
Twins who fall in love
Have no place to go
Track Name: Raisin + Rose

Like a queen without her clothes
Like a raisin or a rose
You can reasonably tell
By the skin or by the smell
I am talking just to you
I am thinking what you do
Like a temple with no trail
Like a possum or a snail

A book of everyone that I
Ever respected sits high
On a shelf way up on my
Copper-painted wall so dry
Some were recommended by
Friends, and some are ones that I
Found in a trash heap nearby
And some of them I've read three times

It's impossible to tell
By the fur or by the shell
I am trying not to crawl
I am fearing I will fall

I respect you much, but I
Can never read you, though I try
I respect you much, but I
Know we're drifting, shifting, sigh

Like an earring from a lobe
Be it prism or a globe
You're imprisoned by the sound
It's rectangular and round

Like Charlie and Willy fly
Up and Out - into the sky
We are Chazzy and Eli
I always wanted to be high
Track Name: Manicures, Beats + TV

Mouthful of war
A Penn Station
Of manicures, beats and TV

A night and a day
A foot away
Affordable ways to agree

Floors furrowed with the grooves of needles melting under people's shoes
How they let anyone get stuck inside the track nobody choose
Still there's a lady with a baby in my heart
She wants to knock down mines, build power lines, she wants to

Against the machine
Cold ragin'
The pulley that lowers the sun
We're not engineers
Get out of here
Some days it's like nothing is fun
Showily planning perfect murders like it's nothing
While I'm still busy
Sticking unlit wooden matches 'tween the toes of sleeping prison guards
Who're happy in their mania when finally
We're discovered all wrapped up in linens in the park
Track Name: The Ends

Last night and the night before
Talk and walk and feel some more
Tell you things that I never could
And things are back to seeming good

So many ends, all strung along
Tied in knots, and into song
Curtain of lights like Christmastime
In the end, it's just a sign

I'd throw myself into the track
But I don't want to miss the train
The thing I think I fear the most
Is no more options
I'm addicted to the plot
Thickening, and thanks a lot

The story of this week I'll tell
Chapter One, you listen well
Pick me up at Chapter Two
Table service for me and you

The worst thing comes to your mind
Turns out to be all true this time
The worst thing inside my head
Makes me wish that it were dead
The best thing that I decide
Is that I should hermit-hide
Some of the things I have said
(I don't want to miss the end)
Track Name: Good + Dead

Both of us said
When we're both good and dead
We'd never get buried, we'd never get married, we'd never change back
Clear as a mug, when you were right I gave you credit
But I wanted to have shook my finger harder in your face
No makes me bet on a different number
No makes me count on a different hand
Smiling through what you're eating upside down
That's what I asked for

After the mess was a total success
We filled it with poison, we filled it with poison, we killed it good
I don't need a map to be sure to be certain
That you're out there setting fires and throwing sand all over everyone
No makes me count on a different finger
No makes me bet on a different hand
Smiling through what you're eating upside down
That's what I asked for
Track Name: Booty

Dear damned darling stranger man
Sounds like you've got dangerous plans
Want to tear your house apart
Make me jealous of your art
Make the whole world think you're smart
Make the writers smell your heart
Then kiss your ass goodbye.

Life is one big booty call
How bad do you want it all?
We wanted it, then we got it.
It's good, it's real, it's shitty.
Pretty awfully nice.

Well my baby has got a mouth that's brilliant like the sun.
My heart is a soft candy cartoon cloud that's split open.
It's filled with something, I forget what
You're screaming about, with your mouth shut.

Your top is made of honey, and your bottom's made of pills
Your water is always running, your cup is never filled.
I got cold, didn't care at all.
I got saved when booty called
She reminded me of what I could lose.
It's good, it's real, it's booty.
Pretty awfully nice.
Track Name: Couch of Despair

The first line of a song
Is on the subway home
When you and your friend sat
On the couch, and
You grumbled and complained
About everything
You realized it was only
An illusion

Only nothing, just like
Some days when clarity is
Yours, and the people who you once
Cared about are a thousand or
Three miles away, and then they
Will know that you were telling
The truth.

That you needed to go
And you were not lying or
Procrastinating like you
Were at twenty-five.
You wanted to write a
Story, you wanted to write
And write and write and write it
Like you used to.

You wanted to draw a
Hundred versions of a single
Face, you wanted to eat
Before going to bed, like the
Cat, you wanted to
Value yourself again. And
Found it was impossible
With all this breath on your goddamned neck.
Track Name: Superior

You couldn't let it die
Crossed your pacemaker, peeled out
The world was under ice, when we said
It's so hard just to pay for a room
Let's stay awake instead
I'm amazed that you feel the same way
If I was lurming for a few, I had to

I'm gonna walk it off
Not to win, just to confuse
Not even every dog has her day
Someone say it's my day, say it right away
There's a rule, that only accidents will happen
Half is a superior fraction

Even now, I'm afraid there's a ruler that's saying
I might fit in a fight
If that fight's not too tight

Half is a superior fraction
Track Name: One Day

Talking to the guy across from me
About his $401K
But I'm not thinking of tomorrow
I've only got the one day.

I'm not gonna watch a movie
You're not gonna do that to me
I'm gonna live extravagantly
Yes, my last day is Monday

Wait, little ghost
Come back to me
You're the summer day
In October
You're the one who's always shrugging shoulder.

Laying in my bed with the letter
You wrote me while sober
I miss the sweet little notes
You sung me while hung over.

There's a war between my friends
And your friends forever
But your friends are fighters
And my friends would never

So keep your typed words to yourself
Keep my mind clear all Sunday
This is my idea of wealth
I've only got the one day.